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Our commercial waste management services in Peterborough can guarantee consistent levels of excellence, ensuring your commercial waste is always collected on time and disposed of responsibly.

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Waste Services

Our extensive range of services enables us to provide a complete waste alternative for your business;

The Complete Service
National Coverage for All Types
of Waste
Management and
End to End Outsourced Waste Management
Containers and Equipment
Business Leading Coverage
Materials Revenue Opportunities
Audit Assessment and Consultancy

National Coverage for All kinds of Waste

Peterborough Waste Management takes pride in being able to handle any waste anywhere in the UK. Our business is naturally flexible by design.

We provide everything under one contract
Our customers have a single point of contact
Our invoices are consolidated and easy to understand
Everything included on Local Waste Management’s industry leading reporting
Unlike traditional waste firms we’re not tied to the form of vehicles, equipment and plant that we have invested in. We are effectively agnostic to all these and are free to implement services that best fit our customers’ needs.

Peterborough Waste Management has never did not propose a remedy to a customer issue. We provide customers with regular collections, one off clearances, hazardous waste services, washroom services, shredding, and waste electrical gear removal, to name a few.

In fact our team enjoys nothing more than a new difficulty to challenge our customers.

Service Management & Support

The job of the service manager will be to ensure that we’re delivering what we said we’d and to work with customers to fulfill any objectives that we have agreed between us.

The service manager is likewise an escalation point for any issues that our customer service teams want help in resolving. Peterborough Waste Management is genuinely committed to providing the very best customer experience in the industry and we have recruited staff from a number of businesses that have led the way with regard to customer service.

Whatever the problem coping with Peterborough Waste Management always begins with a call to our customer service number. Every call is logged and tracked to be sure it gets to the right man and nothing falls between the differences.

Our customer service staff have been recruited from industries using a reputation for exceptional customer relationships and are constantly friendly, knowledgeable and productive.

End to End Outsourced Waste Management

Everything on the services page forms a part of our full service. Our objective is to take as much of the waste management function away from our customers as it practically possible and by being single provider for all areas of waste we simplify the issue considerably and our desire is for our customers to contemplate Local Waste Management as their outsourced waste department.

This takes another strategy to that taken by most other waste firms; we consider that we’re very much a service company that needs to be looking after the interests of our customers. Our folks, our structure, our methodology and procedures set us apart from other waste and recycling companies.

The focus of our full service is on handling and reducing prices for our customers by improving recycling and environmental operation whilst optimising the waste management process.


There’s already a great deal of regulation and laws that applies to the way UK companies are obliged to deal with their waste and every year sees more.

Like lots of laws this can be hard to get to grips with and in certain instances even know about. Depending on the variety of waste that you generate some or all of the following will apply to your business:

Environmental Protection Act (1990)
Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007
Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 and Changes 2009
Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 and Changes 2009
Waste Batteries and Accumulators Act 2009
Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010
Scotland has its own group of laws and regulation that largely reflects these. Local Waste Management is able to advise Scottish companies with local expertise in our Falkirk office.

Peterborough Waste Management will advise you on staying within the regulations and wherever possible ahead of new regulations that are on their way.

We will make sure you have all the required documentation that you are required to have relating to your waste, frequently referred to as Duty of Care paperwork. Unlike a sizable proportion of our adversaries this is included with are service and is not subject to additional hidden charges.

Containers and Equipment
In line with our belief that Peterborough Waste Management should to be able to fulfill any waste associated requisite our customers may have, we are able to arrange the supply of a wide variety of gear and machinery to permit the top possible end to end waste procedures to be executed. In fact we even make a glass devastating machine ourselves to help customers decrease the price of glass collections.

The gear that Peterborough Waste Management is able to provide comprises:

External containers
Baling machines
Spill pallets and spill clear up gear
Waste compactors
Glass crushers

In our evaluation procedures if we consider an investment in any one of the above would be advantageous to a customer we will make a recommendation to that effect.

Your Peterborough Waste Management contact will source the most appropriate kit for you from numerous makers.

Business Leading Coverage
Peterborough Waste Management has invested heavily in more’s IT infrastructure over the past few years and continues to do so. Our systems are made specifically to control, track and report on every facet of our customer’s waste actions.

And because Peterborough Waste Management can handle all of your waste at all of your sites our reporting is the most comprehensive available everywhere. We are capable to provide summary reports for all or portions of your company as well as detailed site reports so you could see exactly what’s going on. This allows you to monitor how your business is performing when it concerns the successful and sustainable management of waste.

Our reporting:

Provides a actual view on your own environmental performance
Enables you to benchmark and compare operation between sites or divisions of your business
Supports quality and environmental management systems such as ISO 9000 & 14000
Removes the requirement for you to collate frequently incompatible waste and recycling amounts from different suppliers
Saves a substantial amount of internal administrative time
Computes carbon savings attained by your sustainable waste actions
Our reporting also allows you to demonstrate your green credentials to key stakeholders and customers and complements your broader CSR policy.

Along with our conventional reports Local Waste Management additionally has the potential to create bespoke reporting for our customers. For example, we are able to join management reporting data from your company to provide a greater level of significant data back to you in our reports e.g. benchmarking operation against turnover data or room occupancy rates in hotels.

Materials Revenue Opportunities
In particular circumstances, particularly where there is a substantial amount and of good enough quality it really is likely to generate an income from this.

Peterborough Waste Management are experts in monetising waste. During the process of assessing your waste we will identify the capacity for virtually any revenue from your recyclables.

Occasionally this may need an investment in equipment for example balers to bulk up the stuff for cost effective transportation. Where this is the case Local Waste Management is able to guide you and if required even source the gear for you.

If you’re already producing an income from your waste why not find out if Local Waste Management’s market power could improve on the speeds you’re getting?

Audit Assessment and Consultancy
Peterborough Waste Management never begin a dialogue with “How many bins do you would like?”. We work closely with you to fully understand your business and its current waste organizations. We measure the waste produced across the whole business through onsite reviews of the full waste journey, from creation through to disposal, including the quantities and form of waste being created.

We subsequently advocate where operational efficiencies, cost savings and improved environmental performance can be achieved. Then through the service relationship we continue to assess periodically, setting goals and objectives on a regular basis.

Our business expertise means we can:

Counsel on waste management, storage and transfer
Help with problematic waste streams

Supply advice regarding the newest technologies and procedures accessible the management of waste
As well as providing these services as a piece of our complete service, Peterborough Waste Management is additionally capable to undertake stand-alone consultancy work in almost any environment. Whether it is to seek improvements in operating practices, progress in environmental performance or to benchmark your current suppliers against the marketplace in cost, functionality or both, Local Waste Management can help.

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