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Cardboard Waste Management Peterborough

Over the years, we’ve found that offering exceptional customer service is the most effective way to provide gratifying service. Get in touch with us right now by phoning us at  01733 785 170 right now. There is no denying the importance of recycling cardboard everywhere. In landfills, cardboard makes up most of the waste. For companies all over Peterborough, cardboard recycling is possible thanks to Peterborough Waste Company. It’s simple, fast, and cost-effective to recycle cardboard with us.

With regard to cardboard waste, our goal is to provide you with the most effective and successful solution that is affordable, cost-effective, and efficient. Our goal is to help you minimize your cardboard waste by working together. Moreover, we will provide free bins, as well as free bin deliveries, waste audits, and waste transfer notes. We look forward to hearing from you.

What is Cardboard Waste Recycling?

Paper and cardboard are fundamentally the same substance. Paper production is extremely similar to cardboard production in that both processes need the felling of trees, the use of a lot of water, and the use of energy, which can be saved by recycling cardboard rather than manufacturing it from scratch. Corrugated cardboard and boxboard is another name for cardboard. When it is discarded to waste bins because it is no longer functional, it becomes waste. Cardboard or corrugated cardboard recycling might save your company money on waste disposal. Always flatten cardboard cartons before placing them in a recycling bin.

Waste management professionals at Peterborough Waste provide comprehensive cardboard recycling services to help you meet your recycling needs. The frequency of collections is at your discretion, whether it is weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or any other schedule that suits you. We separate cardboard and general waste streams to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill through our exclusive cardboard recycling service. Recycling protects the environment and conserves resources, as well as creating jobs and reducing pollution. To properly manage cardboard waste, a cardboard baler is a more effective solution than chopping it into pieces and staffing your wheelie bins. Your cardboard collection will be less frequent and you will save space.

Cardboard Waste Recycling Peterborough

The recycling of cardboard waste involves converting waste cardboard or paper into more useful products. We will recycle all of the cardboard waste we collect. By planning the collection at a time convenient to you, you can recycle your cardboard and paper items more easily. Comparing the energy use of recycling cardboard with manufacturing new cardboard, recycling cardboard can reduce it by 75%. Making new cardboard produces 2 times more sulphur dioxide than recycling new cardboard.

Cardboard is one of the few products that can be recycled as simply as it can. The product may be repurposed multiple times due to its exceptional quality. Some forms of cardboard, however, cannot be recycled. Waxed cardboard, moist cardboard, and oily cardboard are examples of these. Waxed, damp, and oily cardboard, on the other hand, will compost in a commercial composter. To avoid expensive expenditures and possibly landfills, it is critical to avoid contaminating cardboard with food or oil before recycling. We can assess what frequency would be most productive for your organization using our waste audits and team of pros.

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