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Whenever you travel in the UK, you come across towns or villages that you had not expected. Most of these towns and villages are remote or located on unusual grounds. Sometimes, though, a community emerges. This is the case with the town of Crowland. Crowland, like other towns in the UK, is small, having a population of less than 4,500 people, and is heavily religious. The town’s primary attraction is Croyland Abbey, which is still fairly spectacular and was once one of England’s most important abbeys. Beside the church, Crowland is also home to a historical monument known as Trinity Bridge, built in the 14th century. This unusual three-sided bridge was built where the rivers Welland and Witham converged, but the rivers have since changed courses, leaving the bridge literally high and dry.

However, this town also has several stores in the town centre, as well as tea shops, restaurants, and a variety of pubs that welcome visitors. You can walk or bike in the surrounding stunning Fenland Countryside, and Peterborough is only 10 miles away. Visitors touring this town can sleep at the Abbey Hotel in East Street, grab a bite at one of the cafes in North Street or West Street. Located on the A16, the town provides access to both Spalding to the north and Peterborough to the south (via the A47). Through the B1166, which runs east-west, you can reach Deeping St. James, the north side of the Welland, and Holbeach Drove, while you can reach Thorney through the B1040, which runs south-east. In order to protect the environment, Peterborough Waste Management removes as much waste from businesses in Crowland to divert it away from landfills as possible and recycles it into materials or electricity that is carbon-efficient. When it comes to waste collection and disposal, you as a business bear a significant degree of responsibility and at Peterborough Waste Management, we vow to help you fulfill it. Just give us a call on 01733 785 170. We are available anytime, any day.

Commercial Waste Collection Crowland

Our company is one of Crowland’s most reliable waste removal companies. For your specific needs, we can recommend the number of bins, types of containers, and frequency of collections. We believe in providing the best value for money and customer service to all of our customers. If you are looking for a fast, dependable, and trustworthy waste collection or refuse disposal service, please do not hesitate to contact us. The Crowland neighborhood is very fortunate to have our waste collection and recycling services. When you contact Peterborough Garbage Management, you will receive expert advice and support until the end of our waste removal service when all your waste collection needs have been met

Though we offer comprehensive waste management services to all of Crowland, our services are limited only to commercial businesses. We do not offer household waste recycling services. For household waste disposals and recycling, the following centre may be of assistance:

Lincolnshire County Council

Household Waste Recycling Centre

West Marsh Road



PE11 2BB

Commercial Waste Disposal Crowland

If you are looking for competitive waste disposal that will make sure that you not only comply with your Duty of Care but cut costs and save your business from hefty governmental fines, we are your best at. To make our services accessible to everyone in the UK, we have operational offices in all towns and parishes. We provide our customers with a professional and affordable 24 hour recycling service. We prefer recycling over any other waste disposal services, especially landfills. 

Other methods we use include composting and waste-energy where unrecyclable materials are converted into bio energy sources. To attain our services give us a call or fill in the form on the right. We are here for you. 

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