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Food Waste Management Peterborough

Our company has been in the waste management industry for over 30 years, so we know what we’re doing. Over 30 years of experience in waste management make us experts in the field. We have experience and knowledge in managing waste for a variety of types of organizations, including yours. 

Look no further than Waste Company when you need to dispose of food waste in a cost-effective and ecologically responsible manner. Our employees and equipment can manage your waste. Waste management is a challenging responsibility, so we take care of it for you. Any amount of food waste you have can be collected by us. Our wheelie bins are free, and we provide quotations with no strings attached.

What is Food Waste?

The term “food waste” refers to food that remains undigested, unused, or discarded. A number of factors contribute to food waste, including the loss of potentially valuable food products during manufacturing, processing, retailing, and consumption. UNESCO defines food waste as any food taken out of the food supply chain at some point that can, or has, been used for human consumption, or that has rotted or expired. Neglect, poor stock management, and irresponsible economic behavior are primarily responsible for this problem.

The food waste industry is responsible for more than half of global warming emissions. As a result of shifting and extreme weather patterns caused by global warming, food production all over the world is facing a significant threat. The management of food waste, which includes recycling and changing how we handle food waste, is critical to addressing global warming issues and food waste issues. The result is for gardens to flourish and to produce more harvests, which in turn allows more food to be sold and purchased, as well as assisting in the mitigation of global warming.

Food Waste Reduction Peterborough

To avoid food waste, businesses can use a range of strategies. To be clear, avoiding throwing away food that is no longer edible is what food waste reduction includes. Just because something isn’t useful to you anymore doesn’t mean it should be thrown away. There are numerous more environmentally responsible options, such as donating the food, composting it, or repurposing it. In order to adequately examine alternate alternatives, facilities that generate a significant amount of food waste must first evaluate their waste stream and existing conditions.

In addition to a reduction in disposal costs, reduced food waste can lead to producing a high-quality end product/soil amendment, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Increasing the cost-effectiveness of food waste reduction is the next step in reducing food waste, and allowing consumers, businesses, and hospitals to reduce food waste significantly.

Food Waste Recycling Peterborough

Food waste recycling reduces the amount of food waste discharged in landfills. We can also have excess energy resources that are both environmentally friendly and long-term by recycling food waste. By giving more bio-fertilizer, it also allows us to grow more food crops. The following is a food recycling technique:

Food waste is collected from your location and transported to one of our recycling facilities. The materials in recycling centres are broken down using anaerobic digestion. Food waste is decomposed by bacteria in an airtight, enclosed environment during anaerobic digestion. The breakdown of this substance produces methanol, which is used as a fuel and as an energy source, known as biogas. What remains after the food has broken down can be used to fertilize our crops as bio-fertilizer.

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