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Glass Waste Recycling Peterborough

To get fast, reliable, and affordable glass recycling, call 01733 785 170. As part of our glass waste management services, we will take care of your glass waste so that you can focus on growing your business. Reusable glass is one of the few materials that retain its properties even after numerous reuses. Recycling glass is advantageous because it costs less to manufacture than virgin glass. This makes glass recycling both environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

We provide free bins, which are delivered to your location without charge to make things easier for you. Furthermore, you don’t have to commit to using our services if you request an estimate, which means requesting one does not obligate you. Give us a call at 01733 785 170 to receive your own customised quote. 

What is Glass Waste Recycling?

The process of transforming old glass materials into new glass goods is known as glass recycling. Used glass materials are shattered and melted in this procedure so that they can be recycled. Glass is used in a range of workplace goods, including ceramics, windows, doors, mirrors, and disposable bottles. Regardless of the purpose for which we use these glasses, one thing is certain: we can recycle them. You’re helping to safeguard the environment by recycling glass instead of littering or tossing it away in landfills.

Glass recycling is one of the best options when it comes to environmental sustainability. Due to the fact that glass can be recycled without losing quality indefinitely, it is worth recycling. To dispose of your glass waste properly, we strongly recommend that you use a professional waste management company like us. As a result, you contribute to natural resource conservation and fulfill your Duty of Care responsibilities.

Non Recyclable Glass Peterborough

It is not possible to recycle all glass into new glass. The most practical way to prevent these  unrecyclable glasses from ending up in landfills is to use them as gravel in construction. Building materials such as cement and sand are improved as well as glass waste is prevented from ending up in landfills. Energy savings are one of the most obvious advantages of recycling glass waste. When you closely examine manufacturing operations, you’ll see that they have a greater impact on the environment than glass recycling.

Compared with making new glasses from scratch, this process of recycling saves more energy. Cullet glass, for instance, burns at temperatures considerably lower than coal. 60% of the glass packaging we receive in the UK is recycled. Glass recycling currently saves enough energy to cool 34 bottles of wine each day per household in the United Kingdom!

How is Glass Waste Recycled?

Glass is broken down into tiny fragments called cullets throughout the production or recycling process. After being crushed, sorted, cleaned, and mixed with additional raw materials such as soda ash and sand, it is ready for manufacture. These raw materials and glass pieces are melted in a furnace and then molded into bottles of various colors and sizes. This technique is used to make new bottles and jars out of recycled materials. Used bottles and jars would otherwise take up landfill space, therefore glass recycling preserves that space.

Glass recycling helps to limit the amount of glass that ends up in landfills and recycling bins, therefore it’s a good idea to recycle it as often as possible. Glass can be recycled endlessly without losing its quality. Recycled glass containers are converted into new bottles in 80% of cases. The remaining is used to make a variety of industrial items. Because cullet melts at a lower temperature, it takes 40% less energy to make recycled glass goods than it does to make new glass from raw materials.

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