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Hazardous Waste Peterborough

We can deal with all types of waste, including dangerous and hazardous waste types.

If you want to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your waste is being dealt with legally and safely, we can provide the trustworthy services you need. Call today for a free quote.

Peterborough Waste mMnagement kindly requests that you don’t put hazardous materials into your garbage. Oil derivatives like motor oil as well as solvents are thought to be hazardous waste. E-Waste includes most televisions, mobile phones, computer monitors, keyboards, printers, etc.

hazpak service
An ‘all in one’ everyday dangerous waste container and service option.

Peterborough Waste Management’s Hazpak service provides a economical collection and disposal option for small quantities of hazardous waste. Available in sizes of 25 and 60 litre capacities, our UN-type approved Hazpak containers are ideal for storing little hazardous waste items safely.

When the container is full you simply contact us and we arrange a group. And with our Hazpak service, you do not need to worry about filling out a complicated consignment note because we include this part of the procedure within our competitive service fee.

Health and Safety

Like an organization that works in frequently high-risk and highly-regulated sectors, the dedication of Waste Management Peterborough to Safety and Health is apparent at-all degrees of the company.
The Team released Safety Effort and its present Health in-May 2008, which models away to concentrate on ten places that were key:

Administration responsibility
L&S instruction
Threat assessments
Fireplace OR site transportation threat assessments
Slides, drops & excursions
Handle of companies
Enables to function
Work on peak
The Outcomes

Because the Effort premiered, using the incident price lowering by almost 20PERCENT the potency of this concentrated strategy is visible within the substantial reduced amount of our incident price.

In addition to our community of Safe Practices winners, we also provide a passionate SHE (Security, Health Insurance And Atmosphere) division focused on safeguarding our employees.
These areas each are carefully supervised with operating efficiency enhancement inside their personal company and also the relevant Health are assigned.

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