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Paper Waste Recycling Peterborough

Waste management services in Peterborough provided by our local team can ensure that your company’s waste is collected on time and safely disposed of. Contact our knowledgeable staff at 01733 785 170 for a no-obligation quote. Do you require paper waste compactors or free wheelie bins? We can also help you with that. All you need to do now is give us a call. In Peterborough, we have waste management professionals who can ensure on-time waste collection and safe disposal for your business.

Paper waste is a concern in almost all office environments and enterprises. Over 70% of paper waste in the office comes from printing errors, printing out of unwanted mails, and paper packaging. In addition to printing, businesses generate additional paper waste in the form of envelopes from deliveries, cardboard, and food, to name a few.

What is Paper Waste?

People are unconcerned about handling paper waste because it is biodegradable. However, the biodegradability of paper is not the defining element of sustainability; rather, waste management efficiency and the volume of trash produced are. Paper waste is the waste that occurs from the discarding of papers that we no longer need. This waste can be disposed of in special bins meant to transport waste to be recycled or, in the worst-case scenario, wind up in landfills. 

Landfills, on the other hand, can be expensive to dispose of, not to mention that they are not the most environmentally beneficial option. Since 2004, landfill tipping fees have continuously increased, based on the weight of garbage received at a waste processing plant. If you’d like a no-obligation quote, feel free to contact us at  01733 785 170. Would you like free wheelie bins or a paper waste compactor?

How Paper Waste Managed?

Paper waste reduction is one of the most effective techniques to reduce paper waste. This should be the initial approach of paper waste management that a company implements. According to statistics, non-office printing accounts for 76 percent of waste paper in the workplace. If you can get your office to go paperless or only print when absolutely necessary, that would be ideal.

Paper is a natural resource produced solely of wood fibers that is 100% recyclable. As a result, the most important component in the production of new paper and cardboard products is paper waste. Yes, recycled paper is better for the environment than virgin paper. The energy required to manufacture recycled paper is lower than that required to make virgin paper. By preserving wood, it helps to decrease water pollution. Recycled paper also helps to protect forests by lowering the demand for wood. This reduces deforestation as well as carbon emissions.

Furthermore, going paperless may be the best approach to reduce the amount of paper waste in your office. If it isn’t practicable, you’ll need to establish responsible paper usage in the office, such as printing only when necessary. Attempt to digitally store the majority of the work that would otherwise require paper. Set your printers to produce two-sided pages automatically.

Paper Waste Recycling Peterborough

Recycling of paper encompasses the simple process of reprocessing used and waste materials into new white paper, newspapers, fresh office paper, or cardboard. With the help of our waste company in Peterborough, we provide free bins so that you can separate your paper waste from other waste like plastic and food. Additionally, this keeps it dry, making recycling easier.

After collecting paper waste, it is delivered to a recycling plant where the official recycling process begins. Because not all paper goods are created from the same kind of paper, the first step would be to classify them by grade. As a result, the integrity of the product isn’t compromised by contamination.

Then, to make pulping easier, paper is shredded into tiny pieces after sorting. With the help of water and chemicals, pulping softens and prepares paper waste to be used in next-generation papermaking. A conveyor belt is then used to dry the slurry then spread it into thin sheets to make other papers easier to manufacture. Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators.

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